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The WSU developed Phasor State Estimator (PSE) is the example application used for GridCloud to demonstrate the flexibility and robustness of GridCloud as a data delivery and hosting platform for large scale cloud-based power analytics.

Example WSU PSE Operation in GridCloud

The PSE is able to compute the state of over 6,000 electrical busses, five times per second. This is accomplished by using a hierarchical distributed approach, which leverages inherent features of C37.118 based PMU data. For example, the 6,000 bus test case uses 291 independent substation analysis state estimators. The results from each of these substation state estimators is then sent via the GridStat data delivery framework to the control center state estimator to make the final computations. The results of these computations are made available via a visualization five times per second. The PSE also leverages three GridCloud replicas to ensure that data is always available to the control center SE. This also improves overall computation speed as the control center is able to chose the first result for a given substation of the three results produced from each substation.


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